Costa Rica - Honey + Anaerobic

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Los Santos
Varietal: Caturra
Process: “Honey Natural” +Anaerobic Fermentation
Altitude: 1,550 MASL
Cupping Notes: Citrus Peel, Port Wine, Dragon Fruit

More about this coffee: Ivan Solis has worked in coffee his whole life. For many years he worked at CoopeDota, a high volume cooperative, where he gained incredible knowledge for processing and identifying quality. With his savings, some help from financial institutions, and his family he went on to start Solis & Cordero Micro Mill in 2017. It truly is a family business = that Ivan enjoys using as a tool to teach his children the meaning of earning and living and continuing the family tradition of coffee production. For surrounding farms, it also serves as a place to support coffee growers that Ivan met as a young man working at receiving stations.

After ripe cherries are hand-picked they’re floated to removed low density cherries. They’re then washed clean and transferred to tanks to ferment anaerobically, adding “mosto” (coffee juice and yeast from coffee fermentation) in the proportion of 20 liter for every 100kg of cherry, this fermentations lasts 96 hours. To finish, the coffee is pulped and then dried as a honey on African beds for about 17 days.