Sumatra - Ribang Gayo Musara Coop - Natural


Country: Indonesia
Region: Aceh Province, North Sumatra
Varietal: Abyssinia, Ateng, Gayo 1, Gayo 2, Timtim
Farm: 350+ Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,500-1,700 MASL
Cupping: Blackberry, Rum Cake, Vanilla Frosting

More about this coffee:

This natural lot comes from out top scoring cooperative in Sumatra this season. We had their washed lot earlier in the season, but we're blown away with this natural lot! it tastes vibrantly of Blackberry, Rum Cake, Vanilla Frosting, and even reminds us of that sugary candy, Turkish Delight (made of dates and nuts). 

Asman Arianto has been living and working in Aceh Tengah since 1998, after moving from South Sumatra. Many workers in the region are migrant who were forced out of Sinabung Berastagi, after a dormant volcano became continuously active. After moving to the area Asman knew he wanted to get involved in coffee, but it wasn’t until 2018 that he formed the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative. He formed this crop with the goal of offering competitive prices to farmers so that they could reinvest into their farms and improve life for their families.

Farmers are eligible for a number of benefits when working with Asman. These benefits include that competitive price that is paid to farmers for their cherries. Second is end-of-season premiums, which is essentially profit sharing after given after the high-quality lots sell at premiums to green buyers. Lastly, the cooperative offers it’s members training in everything from cultivation to processing.

Soon after arriving to the area, Asman decided he wanted to switch from the status quo of collecting and processing we-hulled coffee, to collection cherry and processing as Washed, Honey, and Natural lots. We don't often find this level of quality in Sumatran Naturals, so we are excited to have it in our lineup, and hope you get your hands on it before we drink it all.