Colombia - Venecia, Cuninamarca


Country: Colombia
Region: Venecia, Cundinamarca
Varietal: Caturra, Colombia
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,100 MASL
Cupping Notes: Mandarin Orange, Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut

More about this coffee:

 This lot comes from the Cooperative Departmental Cafeteria de Cundinamarca who work with smallholder producers in the highest elevations of the Venecia Municipality of Cundinamarca. Producers who contributed to this lot tend to farms at 1,800 - 2,100 meters above sea level which provides the perfect conditions for specialty coffee. Cundinamarca hasn’t garnered the same level of renown as some of the other regions in Colombia, but we have seen some incredible coffees come out of the region from a number of producers, and we’re happy to share this one with you. Venecia is a diverse and unsurprisingly beautiful place, with the nearby Sumapaz River, and varied reliefs that include plains, ravines, high hills, undulating plateaus and high mountains, the latter where there are 4,149 hectares of coffee cultivated mostly by smallholder producers.

This entirely sun dried lot from early in the 2022 harvest is so well-rounded and reminds us a bit of our ever-popular, Patroness. In the cup we get a bit of juiciness and a robust sweetness with notes of Mandarin Orange, Cherry, Milk Chocolate, and Hazelnut.

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