Colombia Scarlett - Anaerobic


Country: Colombia
Region: Anserma, Caldas
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Process: Natural +96hr Anaerobic Fermentation
Altitude: 1,400 - 1,800 MASL
Cupping Notes: Orange, Cherry Liqueur, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate

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Scarlett comes from the Cooperative of Anserma, founded in 1967, the they work with around 2090 producers located in 5 town areas around Anserma in the Caldas region, in the middle of the Coffee Triangle. Since 2022, with the idea to add value to its members, the cooperative launched a brand-new wet milling facility to prepare specialty lots under controlled fermentation and naturals coffees.

The plant has a photovoltaic energy system that contains 247 solar panels, with which it can generate 100% of the energy it requires to function. It is composed of 5 pulping machines, each with a capacity of 5 thousand kilos per hour, plus 5 fermentation tanks, to process special washed and natural coffees, with Ecomill technology, which practically does not use water in its processes. The fermentation for Scarlett starts with anaerobic fermentation for 96h before starting sun drying.

This was our highest scoring natural from the container it came in on, it cups dynamic with lots of bright fruity acidity and jammy sweetness. Compared to Sweet Strawberry, the aerobic sister lot which has bright notes of fresh fruit, here we get more dense sweetness. We get fruity notes of Orange and Raspberry, a sweetness of Cherry Liqueur, and a finish of Dark Chocolate.