Panama Finca Santa Teresa - 12 oz


Country: Panama
Region: Santa Clara
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,400 - 1,500 MASL
Cupping: Blackberry Jam, Cacao, Strawberry, Marshmallow

More about this coffee:

Brooklyn is a well-established plot sitting at 1,400-1,500 MASL at Finca Santa Teresa (FST). The coffee is grown under a canopy of natural shade, with trees including the ‘Poro’ (Erythrina poeppigian) trees. Not only do these tropical evergreen trees provide the coffee with protection from the sun, they also help prevent soil erosion and their leaves provide natural fertilizer. This lot was handpicked at peak ripeness and within hours was spread out on the raised drying beds. Cherries are turned every few hours for even drying, which takes 4-6 weeks in the sun, and is finished with a short period in a mechanical dryer.

This coffee has got lots of bright fruit notes, and sweetness to balance it out. We get notes of Blackberry Jam and Strawberry, with a pop of Cacao Nibs, and a sweetness of Marshmallow.