Ethiopia Uraga - Natural


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Uraga, Guji
Varietal: 74100, 74112, Ethiopian Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2,000 - 2,350 MASL
Cupping Notes: Fig Newton, Lemon Meringue, Chamomile

More about this coffee: Guji is without a doubt in our top 5 favorite coffee producing regions in the world. The area was an untouched forest for much of it’s history and coffee grows at extremely high elevations in the region, making for very fertile soil and ideal weather conditions for high scoring coffee. Most of the coffee trees in the Uraga are young 74100 and 74112, two varieties that have proven themselves to perform very well in Uraga. The Zelalem Alemu washing station serves 203 smallholder farmers who each farm 1.4 hectares on average. The station is named after its owner and operator who is a key supplier to our export partner for this coffee. This year Zelalem was contracted to produce only Naturals. The team kept data logs on cherry quality by sub-district, temperature, ph, and humidity levels giving them valuable insight to their unique conditions. This focus on one processing method will serve to specialize Zelalem and his team, focusing on small details that may otherwise be overlooked. This natural lot was on raised beds for 21 days before being delivered to the dry mill for export.