Ethiopia - Shawntawene Buncho


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Shantawene, Sidama
Varietal: JARC 74158
Process:  Natural
Altitude: 1,920 - 2,020 MASL
Cupping Notes: Blackberry, Honey, Fruit Gummies

 More about this coffee:

Shantawene Buncho comes to us from Daye Bensa, an operation in Ethiopia who we’ve long admired for the quality of their coffee. This year marks our first time working directly with the Dukamo Family who run the award winning operation. Buncho is a washing station sitting adjacent to Daye Bensa’s research and model coffee farm, Gatta. The Buncho Station sources coffee cherries from Gatta Farm, as well as serving to mill coffee from 940 other local farmers.

Daye Bensa is consistently performing incredibly well at the Cup Of Excellence in Ethiopia, and this year they placed 2nd! It’s should be no surprise that this coffee from Shantawene Buncho is a single variety lot. Single variety separations are not common in Ethiopia, but Daye Bensa isn’t in the business of common coffees. 74158 is a variety developed by the Jimma Argricultural Research Centre (JARC) for resistance to disease and high yield.

Daye Bensa naturals this year are some of the best we’ve cupped, and that 100% includes this sun-dried natural. Buncho draws a balance between fruitiness, sweetness, and delicacy, this one reminds us why Natural Ethiopian coffees are staples for specialty coffee roasters.