Coffee is a lot more like Steak than you think!

Coffee is a lot more like Steak than you think!

So you consider yourself a coffee lover and you like a good steak? Read on...

Ever try to make a great steak at home? Tried to recreate that perfect steak you had at a high-end steak house? Probably didn’t turn out just the way you planned - right? What was the problem?

What you’ll find is that most of the time we can't recreate that "Perfect Steak" for one of two reasons (or perhaps a little of both) - "Quality" of the meat and or "Technique of caramelization" (aka Heat Application). You see the old cliche “garbage in, garbage out,” comes up here as it does so often. If we don’t start with a quality piece of meat - how can we expect a quality steak? Just as important still, if we don’t take care of that USDA Prime cut we paid a little extra for with excellent technique in our application of heat - how can we expect that first slice to be “butter-knife worthy?”

All of this applies to your coffee. If you don’t start with a quality coffee seed, planted in the ideal climate, cared for by an experienced grower and picked by hand when perfectly ripe - how can we expect a good, never mind excellent, cup of coffee? And one step further, without the knowledge of that "top-lot" coffee seed - everything from the cultivar to the altitude it was grown at, to its processing and density and on and on - how can we expect the the roast to have brought out the best qualities that coffee has to offer?

You see, coffee is really a lot like steak - and you can trust we mind the details of quality and caramelization to ensure you get the finest cup of coffee!

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